Saturday, February 20, 2010

Love in The Jungle

                                                                                9” X12”

I have been busy in real life,  so I have not been active in painting. Especially after Karin of DSDF stopped the challenge, I feel less motivated :( I have been out of the loop and did not know many of you have been doing Karin's portrait. I would have loved to participate, but I guess it is now too late?
My heartfelt thank-you to those who have stopped by and left me comments. Sorry I did not know earlier to respond. Besides,  I'm still new in this blogging thingy, so I fumble around :-( If I answer your comments here, will you receive my response?

Above is the painting I managed to paint, just in time for the Chinese and Vietnamese lunar New Year that just started last February 14. Hope you all like it.


  1. Your watercolor is so nice!I was wondering what was going on, about you!
    Go on my blog, I left an award for you!

  2. Millie, this is incredible! I see you have another award from Sylviane..congratulations! I'm sending you an email to answer you question, good luck.

  3. This is a fantastic painting! The bamboo in all those pastel shades adds a sweetness to these two ferocious lovers. Tigers are my favorite big cat!!! It's my chinese lunar year calender animal too. ROAR

  4. De véritables amours ces deux-là ! J'aime cette tendresse et les fauves aussi! Ma fille se prénomme Fauve.
    Très belle peinture