Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Black and White

                                                                                  4" X 6"
Painted with permission from the lovely Kristin Espinasse on the French-Word-A-Day's website. I stumbled on her blog a few months ago and I'm now hooked. She writes anecdotes about her life in France. Her stories are honest and full of humor. She's got so many nice photos that inspire me. This is the first one Inspiration urged me to do. Although I'm still having jet lag, coming back from my China trip, just a few days ago, I made my time awake useful by painting these two beauties, black and white.
I used a small canvas because I was not sure how I could paint this black beauty. I was afraid it would be a boring black mass. Now I wish I had used a larger canvas, for it would have been much easier with freer paint strokes. Nonetheless, I like the result.


  1. Very funny, Millie, and a good painting!
    I went on Kristin's blog, it's so nice, and even ordered her book!

  2. Hi Millie, I can't believe how precise the dogs are to the ones I saw on the street in Spain. I don't know how you do it - but don't ever stop painting!

    Sylviane, not sure if you will see this note - but thank you so much (and to Millie!) for mentioning the blog and buying my book.

  3. Beautiful painting! I have a puli myself (white) and my parents have a black one. You captured them perfectly!!

  4. Madelaine, that is a very nice compliment coming from the owner of a Puli. Thank you for your feedback.