Saturday, December 15, 2012

Guess Who

                                                                            8" x 10"

Done for the DPW challenge
I am not good at doing portraits. So I was very happy to get the subject's  likeness in my initial sketch. But after I wet the WC paper, most of the pencil's marks disappeared. oops! And then I could see where I did wrong but the Antwerp blue color is so permanent that it was impossible to erase any mistakes. :-(

Hope you still like it. But try to guess whom I was trying to paint? :-)


  1. Well I instantly knew who you wanted to portrait, it's in the eyes, you nailed perfectly.

  2. So, you dit it, at least! Bravo!
    Have a bright Sunday, Millie!

  3. Well it looks like BB, definitely.:) Hope you have a great Christmas and I wish you Health and Happiness for the coming Year. Hugs

  4. Well done! I like the portrait painting.