Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Lacemaker

9" X 9"  Arches CP 300lb WC paper

Done for the PADT challenge.

I have not painted humans for quite a while, so indeed it was a long process and quite a challenge to do a copy of Vermeer's The Lacemaker. 

I made a mistake of using untested permanently staining  (bright yellow) color and as a result, I lost my "white" for highlight on her collar. Nonetheless, I'm quite satisfied in the end to have this lacemaker painting to call my own.


  1. Une merveilleuse interprétation... Il n'est pas simple de réaliser une telle aquarelle, je te félicite ! Un travail aussi précieux que celui de la dentellière...

    Gros bisous

    Ps : merci pour ton gentil message.

  2. Millie, es admirable lo que logra con los pigmentos y el agua, ha logrado una acuarela tan sutil como real, felicitaciones

  3. Very beautiful colors. It takes a lot of skill to paint watercolors.

  4. Very beautiful. It takes a lot of skill to do watercolors.

  5. Millie el tratamiento que le diste a las manos , al cabello y todos los detalles del mobiliario son perfectos, es una hermosa obra

  6. How brave you are , to have painted this . And this is a success!

  7. This is such a beautiful rendition, Millie! Loved it. :)