Friday, November 20, 2009

Shall We Dance?

                                                                                                     12” X 16”
The birds are from a photo taken by a friend. The background is my whole idea.


  1. Beautiful colors and details, Millie! Seeing the actual painting would be a real treat! I like that you chose a "large" format for this.

    Thinking about your Oct 3 post,I recently met an artist who paints on wood exclusively. He paints on PLAIN oak veneer (plywood) and makes wonderful paintings. Thought you might be interested!?. :-)

    Talk to you later,
    Ken B.

  2. Hi Ken: Thank you for looking and commenting. Yes, I'm interested in the artist that paints on oak veneer. Could you give me his link? I wonder if he explains how he primes the wood before painting.
    My friend gave me some more plain wood, mounted on a ready frame. I have yet to gesso them, the way I always do. But maybe there is a better way to prepare the wood for painting. Thank you.

  3. Hi Millie - The artist's name is Chuck Blousing and he's the Artist in Residence at the NW Arkansas Community Creative Center (NWACCC) in Fayetteville, AR. As far as I can tell, he doesn't have a web page - yet. He says that his 15 yr old son is building him one!

    Chuck doesn't do anything (maybe a VERY light sanding) to his oak panel before starting his sketch then painting. He just starts painting using Winsor & Newton brand, by the way.

    I have an email link on my blog page = As to knowing if somebody leaves a comment, there's a setting (of course there is) in Blogger -> Customize -> Settings called "Comment Notification Email" where you can type your email address. Then comments to your blog are sent to that email address. You must go to the blog, however to reply to the comment, but at least you know without looking at all of your postings! :-)

    Good luck with painting on your "boards", however you choose to prep them!

    Keep on paining! :-)
    Ken B.

  4. Found you via the Following the Masters blog and I am so very much enjoying your work, Millie. Your paintings are wonderful!

  5. Millie, this may be one of the best watercolors I've ever seen. I love love love the background you created behind these gorgeous birds! You are so very talented! Do you use masking fluid? If so, what type so you use?

  6. Hi Paula:
    You're just so kind. Thank you for the encouraging words. I started using masking fluid not so long ago and I love it, for it does save me the headache from losing the white. The brand I use is Windsor & Newton. But I guess any brand will do.