Friday, September 17, 2010

Black Beauty

9" X 12"
I just came back from a trip, still not yet back to normal. Yet  when I saw the challenge from  Paint And Draw blog, I felt the rush to paint, because the deadline is...tomorrow. I could not find my watercolors paper when I stumbled on the yupo paper I bought more than a year ago. Suddenly I felt I wanted to try this paper. If I could not succeed, at least I'd get the feel how it was to paint on yupo. I was surprised it was nice in the sense that I could just wipe off my mistakes. And then I began to have fun, just smearing on colors. But now I have to check on how to preserve the painting, for one careless touch could just remove the colors!!! 
Could anybody tell me how to preserve the painting on yupo paper?


  1. Hi Millie,
    I'm happy to meet you again... So cute is your dog... J'aime beaucoup le regard avec ses yeux pétillants... Comment vas-tu ?
    Je ne connaissais pas le papier yupo. Je ne fais pas d'aquarelle. J'ai pu lire sur internet que ce support est synthétique et que ce papier ne se déchire pas et supporte l'extérieur.
    Pour l'aquarelle, tout près de chez moi, nous avons les papiers du Moulin Richard de Bas.
    Bisous et à bientôt.

  2. Love the dog, beautifully painted, what a sweetheart!

  3. I love his expression, like he is a shame :-)
    the textures and colors done so fantastic, its got vibrations all over that make the image so much a life.
    its one of your master pieces!

  4. sorry, I see my name in writen only in Hebrew under my comment up there. [the one with the srange langage :-)) ...its me, Hanna watts

  5. I second Jules' comment :-)

    Beautiful work, Millie!