Friday, November 12, 2010

Fuyu Persimmons


I just came back from Los Angeles. The weather there in the Fall is still like Summer. People still wear shorts and light clothings. Now back home to Northern CA, it is BBRRR cold. While in LA, I also visited my childhood friend and she has a Persimmons tree in her back yard. I love persimmons and had never tasted one, off the tree. Oh my, they are just so good and sweet, unlike those sold in the supermarkets. How I wish I could grow one like that in my backyard.
 I felt so inspired that I had to paint them soon after my return home. Enthusiasm helped me breeze through my sketch and painting without any difficulties. I love persimmons.



  1. HI there! I've not tasted a persimmon myself. And if I have, it was before I had any memory! :-) Very cool painting with the bright fruit and subtle leaves.

    Talk to you later!

    Ken B.

  2. Beautiful! My favorite of the group. So realistic I want to eat one.