Monday, November 22, 2010

                                                                                                      7" X 10"
Done from the Studio Atelier challenge photo.
I ran out of pink, so my pink apple is done with the colors I have :-)

Many people have shown surprise that my works are watercolors. They have thought they were oils or acrylics. Not that I want them to be that way, it is just me often feeling that I need just one more stroke and then ending up with many strokes later. I guess that is my style!
Hope you like it. I appreciate all constructive critique. Thank you.


  1. Ma chère Millie on en mangerait de vos pommes... J'aime beaucoup le drapé derrière elles...
    En ce qui concerne la manière dont tu emploies l'aquarelle importe peu, ce qui compte c'est le plaisir qu'elle te procure. Et il n'y a que le résultat qui compte et il est flagrant, magnifique.
    ps: Sorry je suis passée du "vous" au "tu"...!

  2. Millie I loved your version of the photo more than the original.The color of the apples look amazingly brilliant!!
    Initially even I found hard to believe that these are watercolor works and that is due to the lovely depth you achieve in each of your paintings which i could never think of doing in watercolors.

  3. Your apples glow they are beautifully painted.