Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Stroll in the Park

12" X 16"
 on Arches 140lb CP paper
This is my biggest challenge since I am quite nervous about painting landscapes. I always feel I cannot paint vegetation well. But when I saw the challenge photo at A Day Not WastedI decided to take on the difficult task. It was not an easy feeling with the foliage. Nonetheless, I hope it looks ok.


  1. Millie, give yourself a pat on the back. Beautiful job!

  2. Millie it came out so beautifully.The foliage too looks great.You did a commendable job with watercolors.Really loved it.

  3. The foliage looks light an airy and I can imagine myself out for a walk in this park, lovely painting!

  4. You painted a love day in the park & you should feel proud. I love the additional person & dog, makes the whole scene come alive. It really is a piece of life recorded on the canvas. Good job!

  5. VERY GOOD! I'm inclined to disregard that you "cannot paint vegetation"! Now what are you going to use as an excuse? ha ha ha ha!

    Is that you walking the dog? :-)

    Ken B.

  6. Je ne sais pas si tu as du mal à peindre la végétation, mais je peux te féliciter pour celle que tu nous offre grâce à cette toile remplie de lumière, de sérénité et de couleurs... L'atmosphère de celle-ci est très plaisante. Bravo.
    Gros bisous